Fashion for Cancer 2024

26 March 2024

Singapore G / theStudio@SG is proud to be the location partner for Fashion For Cancer 2024.

Photoshoot preparation outside a coldroom
Photoshoot preparation in a coldroom
a group of ladies preparing themselves theStudio@SG make up room
theStudio@SG view of space from cyclorama
theStudio@SG wide corridor
Photoshoot at Singapore G's futsal and gym
Photographer and model discussing photoshoot in Singapore G's gym

A video shoot with crew in an office space of Mustardseed@SG
Photo shoot session at the rooftop of Singapore G Building
Crew preparing for a video shoot in Singapore G's warehouse space
Projection of cancer message against roller shutter 1
Projection of cancer message against roller shutter 2

Lens Calibration

10 November 2019

Safety Briefing

22 August 2019

Green Screen Photoshoot

29 March 2019

Company Event

21 December 2018

Spiderman Photoshoot

1 June 2018

Snapseed Photo Processing

4 May 2018

Focus Stacking Workshop

6 April 2018