Profoto 500w D1 Strobe

with Honeycomb Grid 10 degree

with Zoom Reflector

with Zoom Reflector and Filter

with Beauty Dish

with Softbox 1'x4'

with Softbox 3'x4'

with Softbox Octa

Aputure Amaran Tri-8 LED

with Manfrotto Super Boom Stand

Adjustable C-Stand

Grant Snap Stand (Max 12 ft)

Midi Click Stand with Air Cushion (Max 8 ft)

Set of Godox 350 Speedlight

Set of Yongnuo 565 Speedlight

Speedlight with Softbox 60cm x 60cm

Speedlight with Softbox 40cm x 40cm

Tent Box 40cm x 40cm